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You’ve Changed…

they angrily say.  And they want you to be upset with it too.  And immediately you want to shout back "I didn't change!" But press pause before you say that. 



"Me too," I whisper in my head wondering how many friends are going to post these same two words.  And I realize, that it's probably the majority of women I'm friends with. There is a movement to show just how many people are affected by sexual harassment or sexual assault by posting the words "Me… Continue reading #MeToo


Getting through my Quarter Life Crisis

And then 25 hits and you're like...shit.  I am still a part time manager or whatever.  Low guy on the totem pole in my career.  I have 5 years to get my shit together.  And I was supposed to be married a year ago.  I can't even hold a relationship, let alone kids.  When was the last time I heard from my BFFs from high school other than social media?  Couldn't tell ya.  But I do know that two of the three are married.  One has kids.  And one has their own business.  Why am I failing at liffffeeee?!


Missing the Point of “13 Reasons Why”

So I've been reading everyone's comments and posts on Facebook.  And people are completely ignoring a big point in the series 13 Reasons Why.  This is your fair warning: spoiler alert! I understand that Hannah killing herself can be triggering.  I get that, I really do.  If suicide is triggering to you, please do not… Continue reading Missing the Point of “13 Reasons Why”


My Mom is Super Mom

With Mother's Day on the horizon I was thinking a lot about what I have been through personally when it comes to my son.  We have definitely had our battles.   But he is a little fighter and I have no qualms about admitting that we have it good.  There could be so many worse… Continue reading My Mom is Super Mom


What I have learned from the business owner that loves his job

Seeing someone have such passion for their job in today's world is truly amazing.  People seem numb to the world, just going through the motions.  So when you come across someone that is truly passionate about what they do for a living, it is inspiring. It is even more eye opening when that passionate person… Continue reading What I have learned from the business owner that loves his job