Poems about Life

Smoke and Mirrors

It’s quite amazing

How people go on believing the facade.

The mask put on.

You just accept it

Hoping they will accept yours too.

Masks painted and intricate

With lines that curl and intertwine into each other.

Telling a story, but not the real one,

Not the full one.

Not the one that is you.

A story more acceptable to the world,

Easier to swallow.

Less humiliating, more intriguing.

Less struggle, more fun.

Taking in the beauty of the masks

Not ready for the truth.

Not realizing that if you only turned your face toward the eyes

Instead of focusing on the paint

You would know what real beauty is.

You would know the truth.

You would know the pain.

The sadness

The happiness

The content

The emptiness.

If you really wanted to see

You would know the story living on their lips

Waiting to be told

Without ever having to speak.

I see, you.