About The Blog

What the fruitcake?!!! What the hell is up with your blog name? The Fruitcake Conglomerate? I think I’m clever that’s what’s up with it. When I started looking into blogging they kept talking about finding your “niche.” What is your blog going to be about? They said you don’t want it to be all over the place. I disagree if it wasn’t all over the place…it wouldn’t be me. I wanted to talk about just life in general. Controversial subjects that I’m sure will irritate some of you, my life as a 26 year old single mom, my son with sensory processing disorder that is too funny for words, and fashion sometimes. Yeah just a bunch of random stuff under one name still holding their own identity. See where I’m going with this? A conglomerate. A fruitcake. A fruitcake conglomerate. One friend said it sounded like a bunch of crazy people sitting at a round table discussing weird things. The other said it sounds like ditzy stories. Perfect!

Also when I looked up blogging they said to remember you are blogging for others, not for yourself. Sorry. I’m writing this craziness for myself. If someone else happens to find it funny or interesting…awesome. But this isn’t to benefit anyone but myself. Call me selfish. It’s ok. I need a vice and this is it. I hope you do benefit from it in one way or another if nothing else but finding it funny.


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