How You Can Help Your Friend and their OCD Kid

People don’t understand.  They really don’t get it when it comes to how bad obsessions can be for kids.  I don’t expect them to know, they don’t live in my house and see what I see.  But I do.  My son has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and is being tested for Autism.  When he gets fixated on something, he is constantly thinking about it.

Even a specialists at his school.  “Well, just tell him this.”  Telling him does absolutely nothing.  I once was reading a book about the solar system to him, and read that the sun will die out in 5 billion years.  That  was about 2-3 months ago.  He still talks about it.  No, I don’t understand his fixation on germs in the cafeteria.  I don’t get why he will COMPLETELY refuse to eat foods there that he eats at home all the time.  Or that when his eyes pop open in the morning, the first thing he says is that he wants to go to uncle’s house and that he has been talking about it several times a day for weeks.

I always have to be alert for what people are telling or saying to my son.  To make both of our lives easier.  I have to yell “No” or “stop” to people all the time because they just don’t get how bad it is.  As soon as you share even the smallest fact about something you feel is minuscule, he is obsessing about it.  Things most kids would find gross or funny, but never really giving it another passing thought.

Be weary of what you tell kids.  You telling a kid that you want them to stay close to you so someone doesn’t take them, might be something a lot of people say.  But you don’t see the after affect of that on certain kids.  That child screaming at anyone that comes close to them in a grocery store.  Saying constantly, “I was worried they were going to take me.” You don’t see that they can’t get through normal daily tasks without a fight or break down.  You don’t have to live with that.  You don’t have to see them struggling.  You don’t have to know nothing you can say can make it better because that bomb of information has exploded in their brain and there will forever be shrapnel found in places  you would never even expect to find it.  You don’t have to, we do.

So, please, from one friend to another, stop telling my kid  stuff that is meant to gross him out or purposely scare him into following directions.  It is greatly appreciated.


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