Growing Country

I have grown to love the country.  There are certainly things I miss about the suburbs and the city.  But there is something to country lifestyle.

I remember moving in and driving past all the produce stands and being appalled that they would leave money jars, or even their produce for that matter, without worrying about it being stolen.  I love those little produce stands.  Or buying peaches in a brown lunch bag, picked from the tree that morning, from the family down the street.  I love that you can go berry picking and bring home some fresh fruit.  And I love that the farmer’s markets are always full of all kinds of things from produce, to honey they have collected themselves.

That often many people can leave their cars, houses and businesses unlocked without a problem.  That the biggest thing that has happened here in a while was they changed the “welcome” sign with the stats for sports.  The biggest things you have to worry about is the speeding traffic in your neighborhood.  That our neighbor gladly takes the battery out of his lawn mower and puts it in ours when it died, going out and buying a new one for himself.  That every Halloween all the businesses make a scarecrow for the annual contest.

I love the stillness.  The quiet.  Watching the water bugs dance across the surface on the creek in our back yard.  Swinging in a hammock and reading in the calmness that just is.  That I can, without fail, every morning see the bunny that has made our backyard it’s home.  Watching the sky change colors mornings and nights.  Seeing it clearly without much interruption of buildings breaking up the beauty of it.  The stars at night gleaming in a way many haven’t seen because the lights of the city dim their shine.  That nature just exists.  Not needing anyone to plant or have areas sectioned off for a little bit of it to grow.  Hearing the birds call first thing in the morning, welcoming you to a new day.


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