What I have learned from the business owner that loves his job

Seeing someone have such passion for their job in today’s world is truly amazing.  People seem numb to the world, just going through the motions.  So when you come across someone that is truly passionate about what they do for a living, it is inspiring.

It is even more eye opening when that passionate person owns their own store.  Of course I am proud of those that have their own businesses and are online.  But it is common these days and so it is a little bit different when you see someone with a physical space for their passion.  Office, store, or whatever that space may be.  I think kids need to have more access to people like this.  To see what it looks like to work for yourself.  To know it isn’t uncommon.  That corporate jobs aren’t the natural road to success.  That you don’t have to follow the step by step plan pre-laid out by society.  You can deviate from that path.  And if you have a passion, you should forge your own way.

I have many friends, family, and acquaintances that have started their own companies.  I am fortunate enough to be around people of this mindset.  But recently, I have started a new job at a flower shop and it has touched me in a different way.  It is a mom and pop type shop.  I can’t get over the quaint cuteness of this rustic place.  With fairy garden items dressing the shelves, and bonsai trees growing in the covered, heated greenhouse.  The Koi in the pond that like to be petted.  The fairy gardens dazzling little spaces for inspiration.  The planters and the flower arrangements just add to the charm.

I love that the owner just gets to do things how he wants.  It isn’t just a buttoned up business in there.  There isn’t a dress code.  Our time cards are index cards.  The schedule is amazing closing 5 p.m. or earlier.  And though I feel completely at peace in this little home away from home, it is the owner that really sharpened my sense of what I want to do.

This man loves his job.  I mean, he LOVES his job.  Not because he makes a bunch of money, or that he was told he should do this, or for any other reason except his passion for it.  He did it for himself.  He tailored the job he wanted, to suit him.  He wakes up at 6 a.m. and comes into work long before anyone else gets there at 9 a.m.  He will tell you goodbye a few minutes before closing but tell you he’s going to change so he can dig up one of the trees in the garden to put in a pot.  He really does without a doubt love his job.  And that has made me realize what I want.

I want to be able to tell the corporate world to kiss my ass.  That if I ever have a lucrative enough business that I would need to expand, I would still want it to be run less like a corporation.  Less of the rules, memos and planograms all the time.  More freedom.  I want my employees to be able to come to work and not have to stand in front of their closet trying to find something that fits the dress code while being reminded how their job stamps out their individuality.  I’m not sure when I became this small town girl.  I always wanted a prestigious New York job working for some fancy company.  But for a while, that’s all I knew.  Because everyone constantly warns of the dangers of opening your own business, beating the excitement out of you.  Here’s a secret: we know the dangers, we just decided to try anyway.

I plan on starting my own company.  I have for a while.  Seeing my new boss just completely immersing himself in the love for his job, has ignited that in me.  Many friends are starting to do their own thing.  I think people are realizing that it sucks to do a job you are just content with that has a ceiling on how much you are going to be able to earn in that position.  And I think people know that starting your own company is how you can do something you love and make and unlimited amount of money if done right.  I needed to see more than anything, that people can start their own company and completely care less about the money, because they just love it so much.  That is the level of happiness and comfort I am trying to achieve.  That is the level of happiness I am going for.  And I have seen it at this store, with this man and his love for his bonsai trees and all things gardening.


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