My Mom is Super Mom

With Mother's Day on the horizon I was thinking a lot about what I have been through personally when it comes to my son.  We have definitely had our battles.   But he is a little fighter and I have no qualms about admitting that we have it good.  There could be so many worse… Continue reading My Mom is Super Mom


Growing Country

I have grown to love the country.  There are certainly things I miss about the suburbs and the city.  But there is something to country lifestyle. I remember moving in and driving past all the produce stands and being appalled that they would leave money jars, or even their produce for that matter, without worrying… Continue reading Growing Country

My Sensational Son SPD stories

Your Text Can Wait

April 19, 2010 was one of the worst days of my life.  It opened my eyes to a lot.  I laid in the hospital bed without a scratch on me.  Sure my back and neck hurt, but other than that, I felt fine.  But it didn't matter. I can still picture you.  Crying over your… Continue reading Your Text Can Wait


What I have learned from the business owner that loves his job

Seeing someone have such passion for their job in today's world is truly amazing.  People seem numb to the world, just going through the motions.  So when you come across someone that is truly passionate about what they do for a living, it is inspiring. It is even more eye opening when that passionate person… Continue reading What I have learned from the business owner that loves his job