First World Problems

I randomly get weirded out by the small first world problems I realize I'm having.  Most often, it happens while shopping for a card.  I start thinking of this standing in the card aisle and my mind just travels further and further down the rabbit hole.  #firstworldproblems I am spending between $3-$5 usually.  Did you… Continue reading First World Problems


9 Sure Fire Ways to be “That” Manager

  I will never forget when my son was getting tubes put in his ears.  I can't even remember why, but I hated his ENT.  I just remember telling his resident that the ENT's bed side manner was terrible.  I will never forget what he said, because I have come to realize it was completely… Continue reading 9 Sure Fire Ways to be “That” Manager

Late Night Rantings From A (Sort of) Insomniac, Uncategorized

Just keep swimming

When you are in it, you don't really realize how bad it really is.  I find this true for almost anything.  Personally I can tell you this is true for bad jobs, friendships, and relationships.  I'm sure there are plenty more things that apply.  I'm not sure what that is, what makes you not realize… Continue reading Just keep swimming

My Sensational Son SPD stories

My son hates everything I love

My son, the very thing I live for, absolutely hates nearly everything I love. Art fairs, street fairs, state fairs...pretty much any fairs.  Movie theaters and malls.  Anything loud or crowded and he's out. I live and thrive around people.  I love some of the small, silly interactions you have with strangers.  I love crowds. … Continue reading My son hates everything I love