People tend to think that those that left when times are down, never really loved them.  Perpetuating their abuse, self hate, or anger.  It’s quite the opposite actually.  It’s that we love you so much, it hurts to see you not love yourself the way we love you.  It’s debilitating.

We watched you bloom.  We watched you turn your face toward the sun and lap up every bit of it with a smile on your face.  And then we watched in horror as you yanked your roots from the ground.  And though we know you feel like you are running free from the earth and all that left you feeling stagnant, we know we just watched you kill yourself in the slowest way possible.

And unless you replant your roots somewhere else you start wilting, dying as pieces of you dance away with the wind.  And it is the hardest thing to watch.  Because no matter how many times we tell you to root yourself, you will only do that when you are ready.

And when you are ready, you can transplant. You can absolutely do that.  Your view may be different.  You may have seen things others would never understand.  You may never quite be the same.  But you can still grow.  And you will.  Just turn your face toward the sun and remember.




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