How I Ended up Dealing

  How did I get here? What brought me down this road? I know exactly what happened.

I know what you are thinking…you? You are a goody two shoes. There’s no way. Yes, it happened. 

I woke up started my usual routine. With a drink. I made my breakfast. I go to the cupboard. Open the bottle. No! No, no, no, no, noooooo! I’m out! I start scrambling. Maybe I have some in the pouch in my purse? No. Maybe I have some in my car left? Nada. Shit! It’s fine. I will be fine. I start getting ready and driving to work. It’s all I can think about.

Bam…idea! Lightbulb! Brainstorm! I will message my dealer. Maybe she can give me some from her stash to hold me over? I send a message to her. I’m begging. She says okay, I will give you 14 for $12. Now I work an hour away from her. And then it’s another 35 minutes back. Do I care? Nope. 

Then she says it. And this is how it started. A new message comes up. “If you join me, I will give them to you for free.” At this point, I need it and I had thought about it anyway. The money would help. Sure some people might look at me differently but I don’t care. I’m excited.

After work I take the hour drive to her house. She’s showing me and telling me the benefits. She made $600 last month. That’s a little under what I make bi-weekly. That’s another paycheck. I wouldn’t mind that. 

Her husband jumps in and starts telling me how it actually helps people. If I was on the fence, which I’m not sure I was in the first place, now I’m definitely interested. 

She starts telling me how it all works. That though I’m under her, I can end up making more than she does. She’s showing me different avenues to advertise and how there’s different ways to make money. She shows me who she works under and who is at the top. Mostly women, surprisingly. 

She tells me I should start with a starter pack. Not much at all. And obviously I get discount. That’s what I’m excited about. She lets the others know I’m joining and they all welcome me like family.

Now I’m just waiting for my welcome pack to come in the mail. The mail?! Yes, that’s right. I just joined the Plexus team. And I am a dealer of natural products that help people lose weight. I am very excited to call myself a dealer of these products. Not as juicy of a story as you thought? I’m sorry I’m not an actual drug dealer, but you are still reading right? 

Now think about this. I drove about and hour and a half total, in order to get a few extra to last me until mine comes. That should tell you how much I stand by these products. I tried it for a month. Tried to lose weight myself for a month and ended up gaining everything I lost back, plus 4 pounds! So this last month I got more, and a new product, the weight loss accelerator. In the past three and a half weeks I have lost a total of 12 pounds.

This is so exciting for me. I have fatty liver disease and Addison’s disease. Both make it harder to lose weight. Once I was doing hot yoga in the morning, a hip hop class and a cardio kickboxing class all at the same time. I lost nothing. Not even a pound and I did it for about 3-4 months. I had pretty much given up.

Dawn, my now “dealer,”.said I think you have candida (yeast in your gut) and adrenal issues based off Facebook posts I had been making. My mother and I had already thought the candida but my doctor doesn’t like to listen and treated me like a hypochondriac. When I brought it up at an appointment she started cutting me off to question me about depression. 

So I decided to look into this adrenal thing too. Dawn added me to different Facebook groups about adrenal and thyroid issues. Turns out adrenal problems look like thyroid problems. And I have been tested for thyroid problems for as long as I can remember. So I got tested. And they sent me to an endocrinologist because they said My blood work came back really low. And guess what? I have Addison’s disease a.k.a. adrenal problems. 

I really appreciated the support on the Facebook group Dawn added me to. So many issues started making sense. But I kept seeing people posting excitedly about Plexus helping them. “What is plexus?” I asked. Natural, gluten free weight loss products. Ohhh, what Dawn sells.

Nope. Not interested. Sounds like a scam. Obviously they lose water weight. They just haven’t caught on yet. But slowly over time I started to question my beliefs. Dawn kept posting others’ stories. With pictures. And sure, they could be photoshopped, but it didn’t look like it. And they were tagged in the statuses. These are real people! 

What made me decide to take the plunge…was a post of a woman’s tongue. That’s right, I said tongue. I used to be so embarrassed, but sometime during my pregnancy, my tongue became discolored and slightly white. What. The. Hell. I thought it would go away after I had my son. Nope. Well they say it takes two years for your body to go back to normal. He’s five. Lol. Sooo I don’t think it’s going back on its own. 

When researching candida I learned that’s what the discoloration is  The yeast is so active that it can change your tongue’s color. And that’s just what it did. 

In this shared story Dawn posted, the woman took a picture of her tongue before and during use of Plexus. No way! That is me! Plexus can’t actually help that! Yes, yes it can. And it does. Because it rids the yeast from your body. 

Wondering if you have candida? Do you CONSTANTLY crave sugar and starch? Literally that was my entire diet before I started plexus. I couldn’t resist! It started taking over my thoughts whenever I was hungry to the point that I thought I was pregnant. Which…was not…even possible. I had a a skin condition called tinea versicolor caused by yeast too. Also discoloration. 

Today I feel soooo much better. I feel more awake during the day. Happier. And obviously, I’m loving the weight loss. Questions? Comment. Curious? Check it out.


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