Go car Go!

Oh little car

Taking me near and taking me far

All the while falling apart

Giving me hell…not wanting to start

I joke that I will drive you into the ground

Which will be sooner than expected judging from your sounds

I know you are going to die just before I pay you off,

I know this because you are accelerating like a sloth.

What was that noise? Turn the radio down 

Hm that’s definitely an interesting sound

Take you to dealer, ask them what’s the deal

I can fix you…by skipping a week or two of meals

300 for this 500 for that,

How about we ghetto rig it and see how long it lasts? 

You make me sad, I love you so,

But do you care? The answer is no.

You are like raising a destructive teen,

You are defiant, crazy and sometimes mean,

Not leaving even though I cant wait for you to get away from the house

Or maybe you are more like an ungrateful spouse

I curse you out and tell you to listen

I WILL go find a cute young thing that glistens

Sometimes you won’t let me take my keys out of the ignition   

Making me insane I immediately start twitchin

Go car go! You can make it!

You get me there, sanity taken

I still love you, you still have my heart…

But I swear mother fucker if you do not start…


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