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Here’s a secret…I didn’t wake up like that. That right there…took about two hours not including the things I did the day before, like shopping and getting my eyebrows done. And guess what? That’s okay. It’s perfectly fine that I took time to get ready and that I’m wearing makeup.

Why is this culture so obsessed with thinking women have to look and be perfect from the moment they open their eyes? I can’t stand seeing social media flooded with pictures of women that claim “they woke up like this” or that it is their “no make up challenge.” There would be nothing wrong with this if it were real. If the point of it was to show our youth what people really look like without all the extras. The fake nails, the makeup, the fake lashes, the filters. That’s what I believe the original message was supposed to be. But that is not the case. 

The pictures that say this…almost every single one I have seen…the women are wearing makeup, used a filter, or photoshop. I have seen where I can tell the women have used full fledged make up and that they are just great at it. I don’t use much makeup myself but in a theater makeup class, we learned how to do it and make it look natural, and how to spot it.
Sometimes the women are using airbrush makeup which is flawless. But that’s the problem.

What message are you giving young girls if you post a picture saying that you aren’t wearing makeup when clearly you are? What message are you sending to boys and men everywhere? What message are you giving society? 

You are saying we are not enough. That we are not enough to just look like ourselves. That you want others to believe that you have absolutely no flaws, which in turn, makes people that can’t tell you have “fixed” this photo in one way or another, feel inferior. That this is what men should expect at all times. We wear makeup and that’s okay. But we can’t own it in fear of not being perceived as beautiful. Society has molded us to believe we aren’t beautiful if we have flaws. We are saying “hey! Look at me! Everyone like my picture! I am a natural modelesque queen and I look like this all the time.”

Most of the time, we don’t. We have blemishes. Uneven skin tone. Our hair is crazy when we wake up in the morning. There is sleep in our eyes. Some skin is fine when we wake up, others are dry or oily. We may have freckles or birthmarks we don’t like. Our faces may be puffy in the morning. Some of us have permanent bags or dark circles under our eyes. And that is okay. It is human. It is real. It is beautiful.

It is okay to wear makeup there’s no shame in that. I do this too. But own it! Don’t tell people you don’t have makeup on. It’s sending the wrong message. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Let them know, “hey, I wear make up and do tons of stuff to look like this.  It takes a lot of time and effort so appreciate it.”

It takes at least 30 minutes to get your nails done. Make up varies depending on the amount you use. Foundation, concealer, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, and lip liner. We pluck, shave, thread and wax our eyebrows, private areas, under arms, legs, face and sometimes arms. Manicures, pedicures, body wraps, facials. Don’t even get me started on our hair. Hi-lights, low-lights, dyeing it, ombré, cut, trim, blow outs, deep conditioning, having it thinned out, weaves, wigs, extensions, perms, straighting, curling, relaxing, and styling. I’m sure I’m missing something. The time we spend clothes shopping, jewelry shopping, shoe shopping, purse shopping, and lingerie shopping all to look good. It takes time to look good. Don’t pretend like it happens magically. Let the world know, I took some serious time to make myself look good for this picture so hit that “like” button for me. 

I recently read an article about which makeup you should sleep in when you are with your significant other so you can wake up with it on. Then when you run to the bathroom before he/she wakes up…you only have to fix it a little and brush your hair before laying back down and pretending “you woke up like that.” Is that not crazy? Insecurity and expectations at its worst. Whoever you’re with should know that you aren’t going to look like a Covergirl when you wake up. 

This is one of the many instances where a group is oppressing itself. Is it not?  So here’s my real “I woke up like this” picture. And when I posted it on my Facebook, I got more response from friends than I have on any other picture I have posted of myself. That’s saying something. There’s room in this society for the real. There’s an appreciation for it. 





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