Late Night Rantings From A (Sort of) Insomniac

Late Night Rant- Be Happy For Others


 I wake up normally about four times a night. Usually, it takes me around 30 minutes to get back to sleep. Sometimes it’s freaking hours. Like now for example. I woke up, and feel like I slept 8 hours. At least my mind thinks so. My body…not so much. 

I’m a light sleeper so the first thing that normally pops in my head as I wake up is “If those cats don’t stop chasing each other around the house I am throwing them outside.” It happens every night. I never do it. I should, I would probably get more sleep.

After going through the usual routine of getting back to sleep ideas including watching Netflix, reading, using the bathroom and getting something to eat, a ton of things run through my head. 

First it’s trival stuff. Would I wake up anyone if I did some dishes? Cleaned the bathroom? Probably. I need to get a hair cut. You my friend, look a hot mess. I need to upload those pictures of the kiddo’s clothes to my Facebook selling group. They probably won’t sell. They never do. Stupid group. Why am I in it? I should delete it. That will show ’em.  Does counting sheep really work? One sheep, two sheep…wool is cool.  And warm. I should cover Keegan back up. Speaking of warm the weather is nice. It’s short season! Except not for me, nope no shorts for you my dear. I should work out. That sounds like a lot of work. I mean…the word “work” is in the phrase. Man my hands are dry. I should get lotion. But I’m so comfortable. If I compromise my comfy position…I may never find it again and I will never go back to sleep. Nevermind  I will just deal. Oh my god all I’m going to think about is my dry hands. Fine! Fine you horrible skin you win! Where is the lotion? I should clean this cabinet, it’s a mess.

But once I start scrolling through Facebook is when I get deep in thought. Today my thought is that I see so many people doing well and posting their successes on Facebook. Yet the only time I see more than 100 likes on something is if someone is pregnant or getting married. I don’t know if people are just not seeing it due to the strange way Facebook works now or if it’s something else. 

have a sneaking suspicion it’s something else. It seems to me that people have a hard time being happy for other people that are doing well for themselves. I will not lie immediately two people popped into my own head when I said that. Yes, I am guilty of this too. But why?

Because they, in my eyes are doing better than me. They have something I am working toward or are happy doing something I’m not. Both of these things are career wise. One has a following and is fairly successful. Besides the fact that I don’t like her personally, so what? I can still be happy for her. That doesn’t make me any less than what I am. Success is, afterall, determined by ourselves. I realized the thing that makes me happy or jealous of someone’s success is how well we got along. If I didn’t like them, even if they are really doing awesome, I too would scroll past their post of happiness without liking it. A “like” is so small and so big at the same time. It can signify a lot. 

It it was these thoughts that prompted me to make a status personally tagging people in it that I thought deserved more recognition than they were getting. People will appreciate it! Do it!

So next time that person that you can’t stand posts something awesome they are doing with their life, don’t be a hater. Click that little like button. Because there is no denying they are doing the damn thing! I promise, releasing that will make you feel so much better. So free. Let freedom ring. 


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